What does the IIS offer?

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies is a hub for understanding and developing interdisciplinary education. Clients from within the UvA or externally can make use of the institute to address operational or strategic questions.

For instance: 

  • How do I develop a Master’s programme in which students from different disciplinary backgrounds learn to work together?
  • How can I organise the teaching curriculum in my study programmes more thematically?
  • How do I establish connections between the various areas of expertise within my team of lecturers?

Teaching Lab 

Implementation and innovation go hand in hand at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. The Teaching Lab plays an essential part in this. It has a pivotal role in experiments, publications, handbooks and methods for interdisciplinary education. For instance, the Teaching Lab is commissioned to organise workshops on designing and bolstering interdisciplinary programmes for programme directors and lecturers and advises on various innovation programmes.

Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

7 May 2014