Henkjan Honing new academic director IIS

14 March 2017

As of March 2017, Henkjan Honing is the new academic director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS). Honing is professor of Music Cognition at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Honing describes the field of Music cognition as a relatively new, interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on, among other things, the role of perception, emotion and memory when listening to music. He previously won the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship, a prize aimed at stimulating research that bridges the gap between arts & humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Henkjan Honing is known to a wider public through his book Musical Cognition: A Science of Listening 

Advocating in his new position

Henkjan Honing on the specifics of his new position: ‘I believe very strongly in interdisciplinarity and in what science and the world can contribute. In the first instance, I will therefore be a proponent and advocate of the interdisciplinary message. A kind of ambassador. In this way, I hope to make a contribution to the sustainable, structural and stable anchoring of the IIS within the University and the academic world.

Lucy Wenting, director of the IIS, is happy with the arrival of Henkjan Honing: ‘Henkjan Honing is somebody who seeks the unusual and that is precisely what we are occupied with on a daily basis. His input will further strengthen the Institute.’

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