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Wouter van den Bos (1980), alumnus of the Research Master’s in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, has received a Vidi grant of €800 000 in order to conduct interdisciplinary research into imitative learning.

Van den Bos entered the interdisciplinary Master’s programme as a philosopher, but graduated in 2016 with a strong neuroscientific profile, after which he obtained his doctorate with Prof. Evelien Crone at Leiden University. Through his research into the decision-making behaviour of adolescents, Van den Bos is integrating behavioural scientific research with neuroscientific research.

Wouter van den Bos received a Vidi grant for his research into imitative behaviour among adolescents. If your friends jumped from a bridge, would you jump too? Teenagers are asked this rhetorical question on a daily basis, but is the answer actually that clear?

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