Students develop bread from brewery waste

6 October 2016

Four students in the UvA Bachelor's programme Bèta-gamma developed bread from brewery waste as part of the course Science in practice. Local brewery Oedipus and bakery Hartog's Volkoren assisted in the production of this so-called BrouwBrood ('BrewBread').

Since September, BrouwBrood is available in stores. The bread is made with a waste product from the beer brewery. It tastes good, is healthy, and on top of that: sustainable.

Laila Blömer, Mathijs Smeets, Laurens Samson and Sophie Louise Koopmans developed the product as part of their degree programme. Laila about the development of BrouwBrood: 'For an assignment for the course Science in practice we worked with Brouwerij 't IJ. They were looking for a solution for the waste products of the brewing process. Wasn't there something we could do with the spent grains, the biggest leftover from the beer brewing process? That's how we got the idea to bake bread from it.'

Source: Folia, 4 oktober 2016

Published by  Faculty of Science