Instituut voor Interdisciplinaire Studies

Masters of Suspicion (6EC)


TAUGHT IN ENGLISH - After the Middle Ages, due to an increasing freedom for the individual and discoveries of scientists like Galilei and Newton, a firm belief arose in the progress of human knowledge, morals and society. This belief and trust reigned for some centuries. However, some 19th century scientists were able to shake the prevalent optimism: Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. According to their theories, the confidence in mankind's rationality and autonomy was founded on illusions.

Lectures by professors from different disciplinary backgrounds will shed light on the theories of these thinkers and the scientific and social consequences of their ideas. In addition, students will participate in small group seminars where they will be challenged to develop their own ideas about science, truth and morals 


Machiel Keestra and Yira Stoll

Locations and timetable

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Registration is possible for first and second year Honours students, from December 7th, 2012, via an online registration form available via this website (consult link on the right).

Part of registration for the module is the writing of a motivation letter and participating in an introductory meeting in January 2013. For dates and additional information click here.