Barcelona visits UvA for conference ‘Barça and Catalan culture in Amsterdam’

28 november 2013

Ajax competed against FC Barcelona in the Champions League on 26 November. On that same day, the Faculty of Humanities hosted a conference on Catalan culture with the Vice President of FC Barcelona, Carles Vilarrubí, as one of the speakers.

Barcelona conference UvA

Louise Gunning (President of the Executive Board of the UvA) and Frank van Vree (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities) with the FC Barcelona-delegation (photo: Eduard Lampe).

Louise Gunning-Schepers, president of the UvA Executive Board, opened the event in which Àlex Susanna, director of Institut Ramon Llull, spoke about ‘Barça, sport, culture and education.’

After a Catalan lunch for the guests and speakers, there was a discussion on Catalan literature in the Netherlands. This was followed by  the film La Plaga, de Neus Ballús. Producer and scriptwriter Pau Subirós was present for questions and answers about the film. 

About the event

The event was part of a wider collaboration with FC Barcelona and Institut Ramon Llull (IRL), a public organisation which aims to promote Catalan language and culture internationally by encouraging cultural and academic exchanges.

The IRL and FC Barcelona have an agreement to promote Catalan culture throughout the world. As part of this agreement, the two organisations are planning a series of activities related to both Catalan culture and FC Barcelona at various universities. This has previously taken place at the Universities of Glasgow and Paris-Sorbonne

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