Faculty of Humanities launches online discussion board about Profile 2016

16 december 2014

Employees and students of the Faculty of Humanity can share their ideas on ‘Profile 2016’ on an online discussion board.

The website is an initiative by the Faculty Student Council and the Works Council. On the discussion board, employees and students can give input and ideas for the working groups that are concerned with the project ‘Profile 2016’. Every working group and task group has its own group page. Employees and students can either share ideas in the several groups or in the specially assigned discussion themes. Most information on the website is in Dutch.

Publicly accessible 

The online discussion board is publicly accessible. Anyone can read all threads, but only employees and students of the University of Amsterdam can – after log in – post new messages or replies.

Profile 2016 

More information on ‘Profile 2016’ can be found on the employee site or on the student site > study programme > news.

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen