Members of Contactgroup Forum for Participation announced

23 maart 2015

Issues like governance and participation, human resources, efficiency and/or cost driven thinking are at the root of the current revolt at Amsterdam University. Those issues have been discussed at the meeting on Friday 13 March of the Faculty of Humanities Forum for Participation, and will be further researched and discussed by the Contact group of the Forum.

Our aim is to deliver suggestions for (re)structuring decision making and governance to our Faculty community. The Contact group has been split into project groups, each covering an issue. Below are the group names and members for each issue, plus mail addresses. If you have suggestions, remarks, questions: do let us know.

Governance and participation

  • Lianne Hooijmans
  • Jacobine Oudijk
  • Tivadar Vervoort
  • Tatiana Markaki
  • Sybrandt van Keulen
  • Murat Aydemir
  • Erik Laeven
  • Jonneke Bekkenkamp (e-mail)
  • Lianne Hooijmans (e-mail)

Accommodation and Campus development

  • Roel Kessels
  • Tivadar Vervoort (e-mail)
  • Axel Bakker (e-mail)

Efficiency and/or cost driven thinking, budget cuts, Profile 2016, standardization of teaching hours, limitation of funded years BA program, minimum numbers of students pro course

  • Janneke Kalsbeek
  • Radovan Lucic
  • Julia van Rosmalen
  • Josef Früchtl
  • Hannah Ester (e-mail)
  • Paul Cornelis (e-mail)

Human Resources. Temporary contracts. Part-time contracts.

  • Jan Waszink
  • Jitske Jasperse (e-mail)
  • Hannah Ester (e-mail)

Cooperation with other Amsterdam higher education institutions, social and cultural organizations, business, trade and industry

Educction & Research. From control to trust.

The project groups will have general weekly meetings to discuss progress and findings.

The next meeting of the Faculty of Humanities Forum for articipation will take place on Friday 10 April, 11:15 to 13:00, location: Bungehuis 004, will focus on “Governance and participation”.

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