Week van het Nederlands: 10 - 17 October

Improve your Dutch

13 oktober 2015

Are you able to attend a work meeting with your Dutch collegues? Can you congratulate your friend in a text message or order a beer in Dutch?

Week van het Nederlands 2015

This is the Week van het Nederlands! UvA is continuously working on and investing in language policy. Even though universities are getting more and more international, we still consider our own language of great importance. Students must be able to produce a proper paper or essay, well structured and of academic quality. If not they can consult different workshops and websites to help them improve their academic language skills. 

And what about you? Are you able to understand special offers on billboards? Can you order your favourite coffee in Dutch? Not yet? Time to enroll in a course. The INTT offers a wide range of Language and Culture courses for foreign students and staff. They are also open to educated foreign language speakers who are not planning to pursue any other course of study at the University of Amsterdam.

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