1,000th article online at romanticnationalism.net

19 september 2016

The “Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe,” edited by Joep Leerssen, has reached yet another milestone: 1,000 articles published in open access by more than 360 different contributors.

Romantic Nationalism

The “Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe” (ERNiE) is an ever-growing project by the Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms (SPIN) of the Faculty of Humanities at the UvA. When complete, the Encyclopedia will comprehensively cover the important and European-wide phenomenon of Romantic Nationalism that took hold in the 19th century. The treasure trove of thematic and biographical articles are complemented by primary texts, sound fragments and visual materials, and made accessible through indexes and network visualisations. Once complete, the currently digital Encyclopedia will ultimately receive a print companion, to be published by Amsterdam University Press.

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