Traces of the Avant-Garde – The Theatrum Alchemicum: A Cultural Comparison of the Early Modern and Modern Eras

11 januari 2017

Published Theatrum Scientiarum 6 Helmar Schramm (†), Michael Lorber, Jan Lazardzig (Eds.) SPUREN DER AVANTGARDE: THEATRUM ALCHEMICUM Frühe Neuzeit und Moderne im Kulturvergleich.

Examining the recourse to alchemical experimental practices by the early 20th

century avant-garde movement in Europe opens up a surprising perspective on

the relationship between art and science in the early modern and modern eras.

This volume explores the Theatrum alchemicum as a natural philosophical

labyrinth, a hybrid melting pot of mythical knowledge and rational

understanding, and as a skillful practice of philosophizing with materials.

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