Six researchers receive support from UvA FGw Aspasia Fund

16 maart 2017

Lotte Hogeweg (ACLC), Christien Klaufus (CEDLA/ARTES), Julia Kursell (ASCA), Eva van Lier (ACLC), Aukje van Rooden (ASCA) and Jeanette Schaeffer (ACLC) have been awarded a temporary release from teaching duties to enable them to prepare applications for senior personal grants.

The UvA FGw Aspasia Fund aims to support women in their career development within the Faculty of Humanities at the UvA and to expand their opportunities to conduct research.

The Fund was made available by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as part of three Aspasia grants awarded to UvA researchers Dr Esther Peeren, Dr Judith Rispens and Dr Yolanda Rodriguez Perez. A condition of the NWO grant is that part of the premium is used for diversity policy measures, which increase the upward movement of female staff within the institution.

The six academics will use the release time to prepare applications for NWO VIDI/VICI grants or ERC Starting/Consolidator grants.

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen