1917 -2017: Russia as Gamechanger?

11 april 2017

A 1-day conference with Eastern European Studies UvA, Russian & Slavic studies UvA, Hermitage Amsterdam, International Institute for Social History, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (NIOD), NRC, Raam op Rusland. Date/time: 22 April 2017, 10am-6.15pm Location: Hermitage Amsterdam (morning), Universiteitstheater UvA (afternoon)

In 1917, the Russian revolution ‘shook the world.’ The events that then unfolded in Russia, had a fundamental (and fundamentally tragic) impact on twentieth-century political and social history. In the same period, Russian avant-garde artists gained international renown: revolutionary-era Russia was a game-changer both in geopolitics and in the arts.

In 2017, the eyes of the world once again turn to Russia – as hacker homebase, paradise for patriots and as model for a collective nostalgia that flourishes today across multiple world regions, and whose post-Soviet advocates stubbornly downplay communist crimes. As in the 1910s, Russia simultaneously acts as catalyst for artistic innovation: in the 2010s, Russian urban hubs have attracted leading Dutch architects, DJs, and journalists, and Russian protest art attracts global attention​.

Will we look back on 2017 as a year in which Russia once again changed the rules of the game? Do journalists and scholars correctly diagnose an ‘Easternization’ of our public sphere – one in which (Asian and) Eastern European (political, philosophical, artistic) ideas and values transform western civilization? If so, then how does today’s ‘Eastern turn’ relate to that of the early twentieth century?

‘1917, 2017’ is a public event where Dutch and international Russia experts and journalists join to ponder these and related questions, in discussions about history, literature and art, politics, and international relations. Speakers and contributors include Nanci Adler (Director of Research, NIOD), Pepijn Brandon (Senior researcher, International Institute for Social History), Eva Cukier (Russia & Eastern Europe editor, NRC Handelsblad), Marc Jansen (formerly assistant professor Eastern European Studies, UvA), ​Michael Kemper (professor Eastern European Studies, UvA), ​Marlies Kleiterp (Head Exhibitions, Hermitage Amstel), Christian Noack (assistant professor Eastern European Studies, UvA), Nikita Petrov (historian at Memorial, Moscow)​, Ellen Rutten (professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, UvA), Hubert Smeets (founder Raam op Rusland/NRC), and Mariëlle Wijermars (postdoc researcher Aleksanteri Institute, Finland)​.

Attending the event is free, but registration via aanmelden@niod.knaw.nl is compulsory.

The program includes a guided visit to the Romanovs & Revolution exhibition (tickets at own costs, guided tour free for participants) at Hermitage Amsterdam. 

Working languages are English and Dutch.

​See also http://www.niod.nl/nl/activiteiten/1917-2017-rusland-als-gamechanger for the online announcement, and http://www.niod.nl/nl/programma-rusland-als-gamechanger-0 for the full program.


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