World Deaf Day 2017

13 september 2017

On 23 September World Deaf Day (WDD) 2017 will take place in the Netherlands. All around the world, WDD is always celebrated on the third Saturday in September. Traditionally this is a day on which deaf people from all over the country get together to celebrate sign language and Deaf culture.

In the Netherlands, it will be a bit different this year, as WDD will be celebrated on three locations: Groningen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The topic is ‘Recognition of Sign Language of the Netherlands’ – a topic that we, as sign language linguists, of course consider very important.


Linguists from the University of Amsterdam will offer a workshop on conducting sign language research: what research questions on (sign) language can one come up with, and how does one investigate them? We will also address how linguistic research can contribute to the status and recognition of a language.

The SIGN-HUB project is highly relevant in this context, and we are looking forward to make people enthusiastic about research.

The program of WDD will be very diverse, from a cake-baking competition and a workshop on filming and social media to presentations on various topics.

Time and location

WDD is from 10–17, and the exact location in Amsterdam is Stadhouderskade 89 (at Stichting Welzijn Doven Amsterdam).

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