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About the IIS

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is the expertise centre of the UvA in the field of interdisciplinary learning and teaching. Together with faculties or external clients, the IIS develops new education and implements this.

You can turn to the Institute for advice about learning, teaching and the development of new educational concepts in an interdisciplinary context with the accompanying organisational and teacher professionalisation.

Educational innovation and practice

By developing and offering interdisciplinary education in cooperation with parties within and outside the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Institute remains a learning organisation, and educational innovation and practice are always interconnected. The IIS strives for integrated learning trajectories within existing degree programmes, as a result of which students are trained to be professionals who can contribute to solving complex issues (of current interest).

Society needs bridge-builders

In recent years, interdisciplinarity has been booming in higher education. There is a great demand for a generation of professionals who can look beyond the borders of their own field of expertise and are able to form alliances between academia, the business community and society. A new form of academic education can lay the foundation for the development of these young bridge-builders.

Room for experimentation and knowledge sharing

The IIS offers an open atmosphere with an ambitious thinking and working environment, where implementation and development are intertwined. Participating degree programmes and institutes are given the room for experimentation and knowledge sharing within the IIS. Lecturers contribute to educational innovation on the basis of educational practice, and new ideas can be immediately tested in the courses and degree programmes.

Degree programmes and elective courses

More than 3,000 students study at the IIS. The IIS offers a number of interdisciplinary degree programmes and in addition has a broad range of elective courses (minors, Honours courses and various public activities) for students from all faculties, employees and interested parties from outside the UvA. Activities always have an interdisciplinary character and are set up with one or more faculties.