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To boost innovative research in interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programmes such as PPLE and Future Planet Studies at the UvA, additional resources are being made temporarily available to fund 10-12 interdisciplinary doctoral positions.

The doctoral candidates will begin in 2018. The programme will run for four years, after which it will be evaluated.

The UvA offers several interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programmes in which courses are taught by lecturers from various fields of study. These programmes are usually launched in response to the education demand from students, but have no underlying interdisciplinary research institute.

Because the UvA is a research-intensive university, it is essential that the education in the interdisciplinary programmes is also fuelled by relevant research. Interdisciplinary programmes can be a key source of innovative research as well.

The Executive Board aims to stimulate this with the establishment of this instrument: the ‘Interdisciplinary Doctorate Agreement’ (IDA). To be eligible for a doctoral position, the research must be linked to and affiliated with an interdisciplinary programme, and the daily supervisors must teach in that programme. A sum of 250,000 euros is available for each doctoral candidate.

Aplications can be submited by teams of two UvA professors. The deadline for applications is Monday, 29 January.