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For the first time, the 41st conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies will travel across the Atlantic to land in Amsterdam. This three-day conference on interdisciplinary research and education will take place from 24-26 October in 2019.

The AIS conference has been held in various cities in the United States for fourty years. The upcoming conference in the autumn of 2018 is still taking place in Detroit, US, but the year after, it moves to Europe for the first time.

The AIS is an international academic network that focuses on the development of interdisciplinary research and education. The AIS is curious about the new insights that Europeans can give on interdisciplinarity and hopes that by choosing Amsterdam the conference will become even more accessible to Europeans.

The conference in 2019 is focused on 'Interdisciplinarity in global contexts'. More information about the 'call for proposals' and the conference can be found on the conference website aisconference2019. Here you can also sign up for a newsletter that keeps you informed about important deadlines.