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Knowledge sharing

Over the years, we have gained knowledge about developing and implementing interdisciplinary education. We are happy to share this knowledge through our workshops and training courses, publications and podcast episodes.

Workshops and training sessions
Are you interested in learning more about interdisciplinary learning and teaching? The IIS organises workshops and training sessions.
The IIS has published a number of handbooks that provide suggestions, practical examples and theoretical insights in relation to academic skills, teaching methods, interdisciplinary research for students and the development of interdisciplinary education
Project-based learning
The IIS wants to give everyone at the UvA the opportunity to experiment with their teaching. In 2020, grants were awarded to lecturers to develop their skills in project-based teaching and learning.
Hosts Julia Conemans and Lina Dokter share knowledge on education from within and beyond the UvA in the Brown Bag Lunch Podcast.
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