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Added value

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies has the in-house capacity to provide advice, development and implementation. The inspirational mutual interaction between these 3 core tasks constantly leads us to innovative, interdisciplinary education activities.

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies offers: 

  • Expertise – our project coordinators are experts in interdisciplinary education;
  • Experience – our staff have years of experience in developing and implementing interdisciplinary education;
  • Focus – our staff are dedicated and have an eye for content and procedure;
  • Speed – when we work with lecturers, development proceeds much faster;
  • Coherence – the institute’s projects and activities cover all aspects of innovation in education, from development to implementation and evaluation and how these aspects all fit together;
  • Tailoring – the institutes prefers to work with clients, lecturers and students, and looks closely at the context within which an organisation operates. That context provides a steer in creating tailored solutions for projects.