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The IIS implements innovative education projects on behalf of higher education institutions, focused on interdisciplinary learning and teaching. It acts as a teaching lab where experiments, publications, workshops, handbooks and methods for interdisciplinary education are shared.

The institute has expertise in: 

  • course development and interdisciplinarity
  • curriculum development and associated organisational development
  • professional training to lecturers in the field of interdisciplinarity


The Teaching Lab can address various operational and strategic issues, and can provide project management, market research, research and evaluation, consultancy, training, coaching, process guidance or interim services. Activities can range from redesigning and evaluating organisational structures for interdisciplinary education, to ensuring quality standards for study programmes or developing teaching instruments. 

As well as advising on and developing interdisciplinary education, the Teaching Lab also organises workshops for lecturers and programme directors, by request. 


Interdisciplinary learning and teaching is always an intensive process, both for students and staff. It is a deliberate choice, and requires commitment. It comes with high expectations for interaction, working together, focusing on other people and other fields.

The new interdisciplinary courses, class structures, teaching methods, learning targets or new study programmes are developed, implemented and taught based on the guidelines set by the client, to meet the needs of their organisation, lecturers and students. The exact costs will of course depend on the nature, scale and duration of the project. Please contact us to discuss it further.