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Interdisciplinary education

Honours modules

The IIS offers a range of interdisciplinary Honours modules for students who want to get more out of their study programme. These modules are open to students from the UvA, the Amsterdam University College (AUC) and VU University Amsterdam.

  • About the Honours programme

    An Honours programme consists of additional courses with a workload of at least half a year (30 credits) which students pursue during their Bachelor's programme. To follow the honors program there are certain entry and output requirements. Ask your own faculty which requirements apply to you.

  • Honours Try Out Class & Registration Honoursmodules

    Honours Try Out Class

    Dear VU, UvA and AUC honours students,

    Normally we would have organized an evening full of presentations, music and food on Wednesday 3 June: the so called “Honours Try Out Class”. But unfortunately, due to the circumstances, this year we are not able to welcome you this way. This is why we welcome you here online to inform you about all interdepartmental honours courses and the registration procedure via this CANVAS site.

    We hope you will find inspiration in the broad range of subjects we offer, and sign up between 4-8 June for the courses of your preference. 

    Canvas site Try Out Class

    Check here for all the honours courses!

    VU University Amsterdam and the  Amsterdam University College offer various modules alongside those offered by the IIS. 


    The registration for the Honours courses will start, through the registrationform placed below on the  June 4, at 10 pm and will close on June 8, at 11 pm.

    Placement will be at random. Within two weeks students hear whether they were placed for a course. There is no guarantee for placement if you register after June 8. 

    For questions about registration you can email to

    The IIS will check whether your own faculty is aware that you are an Honours student. Please ensure that the Honours coordinator/study adviser at your faculty is aware that you will be following the Honours program, and that this person can assure us that you do indeed meet the Honours requirements for your own degree program.

    AUC Honours courses 1e sem 20-21

    Due to the circumstances of Corona, the AUC has chosen to let students choose a course from the entire AUC Course Catalogue of the 1st semester instead of an assigned Honours course list.

    More information about applying for an AUC course can be found on the TOC Canvas page.

Not registered as an Honours student:

If you do not follow the Honours program but you are interested in following an Honoursmodule, you can contact

You will be placed on a 'reserve list' and if there are still places available and there are no Honours students on the waiting list, we can still register you for the course. Keep in mind that you might receive a message from us 1 or 2 weeks before the start of the course about your possible registration.

  • Honours Student Council 

    The Honours Student Council is part of Extensus and focuses on the quality control of Honours courses and on the policy and cooperation of the universities. The HSC is currently active at the VU University Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and they try to improve the student representation in the HP policy of both universities. For more information please visit their website.

  • Honours courses abroad

    Here you will find Honours courses that are given abroad. These Honours courses are offered by other institutes and you also need permission from your examination committee.

    These courses will be offered in the coming year:

    • NAHSS

    The NAHSS is a collaboration between all Dutch universities, the government and some leading companies. The NAHSS is aimed at ambitious second and third-year undergraduate students.

    Information meetings on 20, 21 and 29 November 2018 and the registration period is from 1 Dec 2018 to 8 Jan 2019.

  • Evaluation committee IIS Honours courses

    An evaluation committee has been set up to guarantee the quality of honours education. The committee, which consists of students and teachers, meets at least four times a year to formulate solicited and unsolicited advice on all educational matters of IIS honours cources. For this she uses the education evaluations and actively seeks contact with students who follow IIS honours courses.

    The evaluation committee is very curious about remarks, comments, recommendations and other suggestions about the content, output and offer of IIS honours courses. Students can contact via