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UvA staff members and other interested parties are invited to participate as 'contract students' alongside UvA students and students from other education institutions (guest students). Payment for contract students is made per credit.

Type of student



UvA students

no costs, registration required


Students from other institutions

no costs, registration as a secondary subject student*


Type of contract student (not enrolled as a student)

Examination included

Examination excluded

For employees on UvA payroll

Free up to 30 EC per academic year

Free up to 30 EC per academic year

For employees on HvA payroll 70 euro per EC 30 Euro per EC

AUV-cardholders and non-UvA PhD's

70 euro per EC

30 euro per EC


100 euro per EC

50 euro per EC


* No costs for students from other universities, provided that the full time tuition fee is paid. Registration as secondary subject student is required.

Note that it differs for each course which type of students can participate. Read the course specific information carefully to see which rates are applicable.

Cancellation policy

Cancelling a course is only possible before the start of a course. After we receive a written cancellation request, your entree fee will be returned to you as soon as possible, minus €75,00 administration.
If you could not be placed for a course for which you have registered, you will receive the complete entree fee.