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Interdisciplinary Education

At the IIS, you can find a variety of interdisciplinary education activities. We offer degree programmes at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as a selection of elective courses and Honours modules.
Bachelor's programmes (in Dutch)
Bèta-gamma (Natural and Social Sciences)
Bèta-gamma beperkt zich niet tot één vakgebied, maar combineert elementen van exacte wetenschappen, levenswetenschappen, sociale wetenschappen, economie en filosofie.
Future Planet Studies
Bij Future Planet Studies draait het om de toekomst en duurzaamheid. Hoe ziet ons leven op Aarde er op de korte en langere termijn uit?
Master's programmes (in English)
Forensic Science
The Master’s programme Forensic Science trains scientists with a broad forensic insight who can answer forensic questions from a sound basis in a scientific discipline, who can stimulate innovations in forensic science, and who can evaluate and strengthen the role of forensic evidence in the entire forensic chain of evidence.
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
The Research Master's programme in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Amsterdam offers a broad selection of tracks that investigate all aspects of the field, from the molecule to the mind.
Electives and Honours modules
IIS Electives
Our elective courses are intended for multiple audiences: students and staff of all faculties of the UvA, students of other educational institutions (secondary students) and other interested parties who can participate as 'contract students'.
Honours modules
For students who want to get the most out of their academic career, the IIS offers several interdisciplinary Honours modules. These modules are open to students of the UvA, the AUC and the VU. In addition to the IIS, the VU and the AUC also offer Honours modules open to UvA students.
MOOC Big History
De 'Massive Open Online Course' (MOOC) Big History geeft een geïntegreerd overzicht van de oerknal tot nu.
The benefits of interdisciplinary education
Interdisciplinary education provides students with more than just one perspective on a particular issue. Comparing, contrasting, connecting, adding to and modifying disciplinary concepts, theories and methodologies generates new insights.
SDGs in education at the IIS
The key to a sustainable future is education. The IIS aims to reflect contemporary societal issues and challenges in education and it endorses the importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations.