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Develop a new method of assessment with the IIS grant

Are you planning to try out new methods of assessment and testing, or have you already begun doing so? Are your students learning all manner of skills, while you have yet to find a satisfactory way to evaluate their development? Do you want to assess a new learning objective and are you looking for the best way to do this? If any of this applies to you, these funds from the IIS (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA) could offer you the chance to put your ideas into action.

Testing skills

Skills such as cooperation, leadership, reflection, etc. are difficult to evaluate based on the standard forms of testing. In order to find out if a student has successfully developed these skills, it may be necessary for you to apply alternate forms of assessment. The IIS supports UvA lecturers who are interested in participating in a pilot aimed at implementing alternative concepts and procedures for assessment, evaluating these new tools and sharing their materials and experiences with others. The IIS has made funding available that you, as a lecturer, can use to innovate and make improvements within the course you teach.

For whom are the grants intended?

  • You are a lecturer or team of lecturers who teach one or more courses at the UvA and are responsible for the testing and assessment of your course;
  • You feel that involvement in educational innovation is an interesting opportunity;|You are prepared to share your own knowledge and inspire other
  • You hold a position at the UvA for at least 0.5 FTE, which will last (at minimum) for the duration of the pilot;
  • Your supervisor has granted you permission to invest work hours in this project.

Structure of the project

If you are awarded a grant, the hours you will receive should be spent:

  • Setting up the new method of assessment (before the course starts)
  • Implementing your plans while the course is in progress
  • Evaluating the results
  • Sharing the knowledge that has been gained with others

The IIS can offer you help and support as you elaborate your plans; they can provide consultation with an expert on testing and share relevant best practices.

Duration and application

The duration of the pilots will be at least six months, up to a maximum of twelve months. Pilots may begin four months before the start of the course in question. A maximum of 80 hours is available for each grant; the precise duration will depend on the proposal submitted. These hours will be in addition to the hours already assigned for this course

The next deadline for proposals for the second semester of 2018-2019 is Friday October 12. A decision regarding allocation of the funding will be taken before Monday October 29. Please use the application form found here to submit your grant request.


The following criteria will be applied when selecting the grant recipients:

  • Degree of innovation demonstrated by the pilot and the expected improvement to education
  • Quality of the proposal (including substantiation, relationship between assessment and learning objectives, action plan, etc.)
  • Relevance to teaching practice at the university
  • The educational experience and background of the applicant(s)
  • Distribution across the various programmes and faculties


  • The applicant will complete the application form and sends his or her CV to
  • The applicant must supply a written guarantee (see form) from his or her supervisor indicating that if the applicant receives the funding, his or her department head or manager will ensure the applicant is given sufficient opportunity to conduct the project.
  • The application will be evaluated by a committee consisting of a current or former director of education, a testing expert and the programme manager of the education lab at the IIS.
  • Once it has been concluded, the pilot will be evaluated in cooperation with IIS and the results will be shared within the UvA, as well as included in a publication.

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