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Interdisciplinary learning activities (2014)

M. de Roo MSc, T. van Gorp MSc

Interdisciplinary learning activities is a handbook for faculties that want to incorporate interdisciplinary learning goals into their education practice. It is based on almost 20 years of experience with interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Academics are expected to cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines in order to contribute to addressing fundamental issues and social challenges. Both a deep disciplinary knowledge and expertise at the interdisciplinary level are needed to address the fundamental questions that pertain to human reality. Although there are strong arguments for developing interdisciplinary skills, there are few resources that faculty staff in higher education can rely on when they want to know more about how to teach and foster interdisciplinary skills.

Your classroom 

This handbook contains examples of learning activities that will help to develop interdisciplinarity in students. It suggests activities to use in your classroom and assignments to give your students to promote their development as interdisciplinary academics.

Inspiring education tools

Our intention is not to provide an exhaustive set of interdisciplinary learning activities, but to furnish an initial series of inspiring education tools that cover the most important aspects of interdisciplinary learning. The interdisciplinary learning activities in this handbook have been trialled and tested. You can be confident that they will help both you and your students. We hope that the incorporation of these interdisciplinary learning activities into your educational design and teaching will contribute to creating a successful in┬Čterdisciplinary learning environment.