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Interdisciplinary programmes

Designing and strengthening interdisciplinary programmes

This workshop is for College / Graduate School directors, programme directors and lecturers with coordinating roles who wish to strengthen the interdisciplinary component of a Bachelor's or Master's study programme.

What will you learn in this workshop? 

You will learn to identify the distinguishing features of interdisciplinary programmes and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the interdisciplinary programme you are involved with. Sharing expertise on issues relevant to the design or strengthening of interdisciplinarity within a study programme will make you better equipped to link interdisciplinary educational objectives to the implementation of the programme.

Purpose of the workshop

The workshop starts with a presentation on the definitions of interdisciplinarity. We then relate these to the design of the programme using 7 questions which can help find a good match between the programme and required interdisciplinary educational objectives. As part of an exercise, you will analyse the study programme based on questions such as:

  • how much discipline-specific knowledge do students need before they can start the integration process?
  • how do you create a bridge between the various courses making up the programme?
  • which part of the programme organises courses aimed at integrating disciplines?


The workshop is an opportunity for you to share knowledge and experiences with colleagues who also work on interdisciplinary study programmes.