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Interdisciplinary research

Teaching and supervising interdisciplinary research by students

This workshop is for lecturers involved in programmes where students carry out interdisciplinary research, or for those with an interest in interdisciplinary research and who want to use it in their teaching.

What will you learn in this workshop?

The workshop focuses on a model for carrying out interdisciplinary research. ‘An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research’ is introduced with examples from teaching practice. 'An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research' is a clear and accessible book introducing the topic. It describes succinctly how academic disciplines have developed into their present form and what characterises those disciplines. It then explains what interdisciplinarity is and what the drivers are for interdisciplinary research. The book also covers interdisciplinary integration.


The second part of the workshop introduces a model for guiding students through the interdisciplinary research process. Examples are used to make each step clear and tangible. The workshop provides an overview of the contents of the book, with a special focus on the model. Lecturers can then start working with the method themselves. A handbook for lecturers is also provided, with pointers and suggestions of what to look out for when using 'An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research’ as part of a course.