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Interdisciplinary teaching methods

This workshop is for lecturers who want to use tutorials to improve students' interdisciplinary skills.

What is the workshop for? 

The workshop provides an overview of teaching methods designed to encourage interdisciplinary approaches and ways of thinking in students at the Bachelor's and Master's level. There is increasing recognition of how technological development and globalisation are contributing to problems growing so complex that solving them requires different disciplines working together. Students therefore need to become more adept at integrating and applying knowledge, methodologies and skills from various disciplines.  Interdisciplinary skills are a valuable addition to discipline-specific approaches and ways of thinking.

What will you learn in this workshop?

The first part of the workshop looks at the skills that students need to address. Then we look at practical approaches, and you will investigate which teaching methods you can use with students to address these skills. We refer to the 'Interdisciplinary Learning Activities' book, which provides an overview of teaching methods which have been used successfully within interdisciplinary study programmes at the UvA and elsewhere. The expertise and experiences generated in the workshop will be used in the next edition of the book.