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Big Questions in Time

An interdisciplinary journey


  • Course: Big Questions in Time
  • Programme: BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences (AUC)
  • Group size: 25 students 
  • Study load: 6 EC
  • Year: second-year and third-year Bachelor's students

Course description

Within the Amsterdam University College, teachers Dora Achourioti, Joost Krijnen and Anco Lankreijer developed the course Big Questions in Time, with the main aim of making the interdisciplinary aspect of this topic concrete and tangible for their students. 'What is Time' is the central question of this course that explores a wide range of disciplinary aspects of Time coming from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, including the philosophy and meta(physics) of time, story time and geologic time. The teachers opted for assignments and assessment formats that go beyond the traditional research paper, such as an excursion and a teambuilding exercise “competence mapping”. In the final project, students worked in interdisciplinary groups to build an artistic installation that materializes different aspects of Time, accompanied by an essay on the installation. In addition, students wrote an individual reflection essay. In this way, students learn interdisciplinarity by doing interdisciplinarity.

Copyright: Lankreijer
We ultimately opted for a number of alternative forms of assessment, the most important of which is to build an installation, thus portraying the concept of ‘time’ in a personal manner Anco Lankreijer

Course materials

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