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Academic Skills

for Interdisciplinary Studies (2016)

Academic skills are the tools that enable you to gain, develop and critically discuss new knowledge during and after your Bachelor's and Master's programme. This handbook offers practical instructions, tips, and tricks that help undergraduate students to develop the skills needed for an interdisciplinary curriculum.


Meer informatie over dit boek op de is de website van Amsterdam University Press

Cover Academic Skills for Interdisciplinary Studies

The book focuses on the following elements:

  • how to study effectively
  • reading scientific literature
  • collecting and assessing literature for your research
  • argumentation
  • academic writing
  • presentation skills
  • scientific interviews
  • debating
  • reflection
  • critical thinking


The authors work or have worked for the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, where they have thought academic skills in serveral programmes. Joris J.W. Buis for the Bachelor's programme Future Planet Studies, Ger Post for the Research Master's programme Brain and  Cognitive Sciences, and Vincent R. Visser for the Bachelor's programme Natural and Social Sciences.