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The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is the expertise centre of the UvA in the field of interdisciplinary learning and teaching. Together with other UvA faculties and external clients, the IIS develops and implements education. You can turn to the Institute for advice about learning, teaching and the development of new educational concepts in an interdisciplinary context with the accompanying organisational- and teacher professionalisation.
  • Room for experimentation and knowledge sharing

    The IIS offers an open atmosphere with an ambitious thinking and working environment, where implementation and development are intertwined. The IIS is a testing ground for transition-focused education.
  • Bridge-builders

    The IIS attaches great importance to training academics who are able to look beyond the borders of their discipline and daily experience and integrate different academic disciplines.
  • Educational innovation and practice

    The Institute is developing forms of education in which students work on problem-solving approaches with stakeholders outside academia, to manage the complex challenges society is facing.