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The IIS has a diverse team of professionals, including lecturers, study advisors, tutors, programme coordinators and developers and an administrative department. In addition to its permanent staff, the institute regularly works together with other UvA faculties and with guest lecturers external to the UvA. These exchanges and the combination of implementation and development tasks is key to the success of the Institute. Staff are often involved in several different projects, benefitting their professional and personal development and contributing to a stimulating working and learning environment.

Advisory Board

The IIS Advisory Board is made up of the following members:

  • Josta de Hoog: Senior researcher at the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)
  • Caroline Nevejan: Chief Science Officer of the Municipality of Amsterdam and professor by special appointment of Designing Urban Experience
  • Vincent Icke: Extraordinary professor of cosmology at the University of Amsterdam and professor of theoretical astronomy at Leiden University
  • George C. Molenkamp: KPMG Sustainability Advisory Council
  • Sandra van der Hel: Former FPS student, Phd. candidate Sustainable Development at UU
  • Jaco de Swart: Former B├Ęta-gamma student, Phd. candidate Theoretical Physics at the UvA
  • Natalija Counet: Jobs of the Future Lead at Amsterdam Economic Board en Skills for the Future Expert at 361degreesLAB
  • Dirk Haen: Policy officer at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  • Dennis van Galen: Director of CREA

Annual reports

Our annual reports are available in Dutch.