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The IIS offers a range of interdisciplinary Honours modules for students who want to get more out of their degree programme. Five ambitions are central to the Honours education at the IIS: interdisciplinarity, room for experimentation, personal and academic development, academic reflection and focus on contemporary issues. You can read the IIS Educational vision below. The modules are open to students from the UvA, the Amsterdam University College (AUC) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).
  • Admission requirements

    An Honours programme consists of additional courses with a workload of at least 30 credits, that students pursue during their Bachelor's programme. To follow the Honours programme, there are certain entry requirements and output requirements. Ask the Honours coordinator/study advisor of your own faculty which requirements apply to you.

    We only handle registrations for our own Honours courses and can therefore not provide you with advice on the above and other aspects within the Honours programme, such as the content, alternative solutions and following faculty (Honours) courses, for example.

    Not registered as an Honours student

    If you do not follow the Honours programme but are interested in taking an Honours module, you can contact us at You will be placed on a 'waiting list'. If there are still spots available and there are no Honours students on the waiting list, we can enrol you for the course. Keep in mind that you might receive a message from us 1 or 2 weeks before the start of the course about your possible registration. Please note: Honours students always have priority.

  • Registration

    The registration for the Honours courses will start on June 5, 10 am -  June 11, 11.59 pm.  You can register through the online registration form below (registration is NOT through SIS). Please note: register on time because placement after June 11 is not guaranteed. You will be notified in the week of June 30 about your placement(s) for one or two courses at the UvA, VU and AUC.


    • When choosing a course, check for overlap in scheduling with your other courses. After having been placed in your preferred course, the lecturer and administration of the Honours Programme assume you can be physically present during the scheduled hours. Potential replacement in a different course is only possible in honours courses at the UvA, and only if they have remaining places available.
    • You can take a maximum of 12 credits of interfaculty courses per semester. Most interfaculty honours courses are 6 credits.
    • You can indicate if you'd like to take one or two courses. You can only be guaranteed a second course if you have to obtain 12 ECTS in one semester. This will be checked with the Honours coordinator or study advisor of your faculty.
    • We ask you to choose 4 preferences of your choice; you will be placed in one or two courses for the coming semester. Every semester you have the opportunity to choose four courses again.
    • For questions about your course registration, email to
    • If you have any other questions and/or problems about your honours program, please contact the honours coordinator or study advisor at your own faculty.

    It is mandatory to give four different preferences. 

    • For UvA students: The 1st and 2nd preferences can be UvA, VU or AUC courses; the 3rd and 4th have to be UvA courses.
    • For VU students: The 1st and 2nd preferences can be UvA, VU or AUC courses; the 3rd and 4th preferences have to be VU courses. 
    • For AUC students: All 4 preferences have to be UvA or VU courses (no AUC courses).

    Please note: If your registration for the Honours programme is not complete yet, you can still register for the courses. If it turns out that you do not meet the Honours requirements, it is always possible to deregister for the course. Your participation in the Honours programme will be checked with the Honours coordinator of your faculty. For further questions about your Honours programme always contact your Honours coordinator or study advisor.

    AUC Honours courses

    For AUC Honours courses, all UvA and VU Honours students can apply using the same registration form. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    • You have the option to list one or two course preferences for an AUC course.
    • Most Honours AUC courses have prerequisites, which you can find listed in the course catalogue on under ‘Required prior knowledge’. If you do not meet the prerequisites, please do not apply.
    • Remember to submit your registration form before the deadline of 11 June, as forms received after this date won't be considered.
    • When applying, ensure you upload: Your grade list of completed courses, your currently enrolled courses, and a brief motivation statement detailing how you meet the prerequisites and why you want to take the course.
    • Registration forms lacking the necessary uploads won't be processed.
    • AUC will select students for courses based on availability.
    • VU students don't need to arrange their 'bijvakinschrijving/subsidiary registration' (UvAnetID) at the UvA/AUC themselves; this will be taken care of.
    • Information on all AUC courses can be found on this website. In case you have questions about AUC Honours, please send an email to
  • Try Out Class

    During the Try Out Class, we inform all interested Honours students of the UvA and the VU about the interdepartmental honours modules of the UvA, VU and AUC in the first semester of 2024-2025.

    Date: Tuesday 4 June 2024
    Time: 17:45 - 21:15
    Location: HG-KC07 (the large lecture room in the entrance hall of VU Main Building), De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam
    For whom: All VU, UvA and AUC honours students who want to register for a 1st semester interfaculty honours course 2024-2025

    This evening consists of three parts:

    • Welcome. The event starts at 17:45. Feel welcome to enjoy some soup and to take your time to find a seat. Doors of the lecture hall open at 18:15.
    • Presentations. The TOC starts off with 12 presentations of interfaculty VU and UvA honours courses, from 18:30 – 20:00.
      In between the presentations, we will hear short musical intermezzos.
    • Information market. Afterwards there will be an information market in the entrance hall of VU main building where you can find information about all other interfaculty honours courses on offer. The information market will take place between 20:00 and 21:15, and includes drinks and snacks.

    What is the Try Out Class?

    Prior to the start of each semester, you can attend a Try Out Class where all the interfaculty honours courses of VU, UvA and some AUC courses on offer are presented so you can acquaint yourself with them. During the days following the Try Out Class, you can apply online for placement in courses of your preference.

    And after the Try Out Class?

    During the days after the Try Out Class, you can apply for your preferred honours subjects by submitting the digital application form on our website.

    Contact information

    UvA Honours: Andrea Manneke, Marleen van der Meer and Sjoerd Esschendal: 
    VU Honours: Eva Meijerink, Joke Verwers and Gemma van der Wal: 
    AUC Honours: Jack Rockett:

  • Evaluation committee

    An evaluation committee has been established to guarantee the quality of our Honours education. The committee, which consists of students and teachers, meets at least four times a year to formulate solicited and unsolicited advice on all educational matters of IIS Honours modules. The course evaluations are used for this purpose and students who take IIS Honours modules are heard.

    The evaluation committee would like to receive your remarks, comments, recommendations and other suggestions about the content, output and course listing of the IIS Honours modules by email:

  • Amsterdam Honours Student Council (AHSC)

    The Amsterdam Honours Student Council (AHSC) is part of Extensus and focuses on the quality control of Honours courses and on the policy and cooperation of the universities. The HSC is currently active at the VU and the UvA, and they try to improve the student representation in the HP policy of both universities. For more information, please visit their website.

    Extensus is the study association for Honours students of UvA, VU and the AUC. As a member of Extensus you have the unique opportunity to build a valuable network with other Honours students and make friends outside your own study programme and/or university. Throughout the year, Extensus organises social events, such as 'borrels', galas, study trips and lasertag events, career events, such as inhouse days, consultancy drinks, career dinner, and professional trainings and academic events, such as masterclasses by inspiring people. Become a member of Extensus here, visit the website, Instagram (@extensus), or send an email to

  • Honours courses abroad

    Here you will find Honours courses that are given abroad. These Honours courses are offered by other institutes and you also need permission from your examination committee.

    • The Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) is a collaboration between all Dutch universities, the government and some leading companies. The NAHSS is aimed at ambitious second-year and third-year undergraduate students. For more information, see the NAHSS website.
    • More information about study abroad programmes and scholarships can be found here
  • Educational vision IIS Honours

    Five ambitions are central to the Honours education at the IIS: interdisciplinarity, room for experimentation, personal and academic development, academic reflection and focus on contemporary issues. You can read the IIS Educational vision below.