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About the IIS


The IIS has more than 15 years experience in interdisciplinary education and continues to build on educational innovations with an interdisciplinary character driven by content. The Institute identifies new themes and issues that tie in with topical developments in academia and society. For more info and best practices, please go to educational development.

The Institute is an expert in:

  • educational development and interdisciplinarity
  • curriculum development and accompanying organisational development
  • teacher professionalisation with respect to interdisciplinarity


With the aid of project management, market research, research and evaluation, advice, training, coaching, process supervision or interim services, the IIS tackles various issues, from an operational to strategic level, whether this concerns redesigning and evaluating the organisational structure for interdisciplinary education, the quality assurance of a degree programme or the development of a range of educational tools.

In addition to the study programmes we offer, advice on and development of interdisciplinary education, the IIS organises workshops, at the request of clients, for lecturers and College / Graduate School directors. Go to educational development for lecturers for more information.

Added value for the University

The added value of the IIS lies in the inspiring interplay between its tasks, as a result of which it is able to provide in-house advice, development and implementation. This continuously leads to innovative, interdisciplinary educational activities. An interdisciplinary degree programme or track/minor can provide the faculty, degree programme or institute with an entirely new dynamic, as witnessed by the great popularity of degree programmes like PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) for the Faculty of Law, the Master’s programme in ‘Brain & Cognitive Sciences’ (hyperlink) for the ABC (Amsterdam Brain and Cognition) research institute, or the broad Tesla and Future NOW minors for the purpose of a better connection between academia & society.