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In the past year we have asked a number of teachers from the UvA's PPLE, AUC and IIS to conduct research into interventions within their own interdisciplinary education. New insights have been gained on the following topics; Authentic learning, Skills for the future, Assessment of systems thinking and interdisciplinary competencies, Implementation of rubrics, Creative citizenship and Rethinking interdisciplinarity in a Liberal Arts context.

Emma van der Zanden of the IIS investigated how alumni view the 'final piece' the Interdisciplinary Project of the BSc programme Future Planet Studies. Within this course students conduct their own research in small groups based on a case study. On the basis of open questions and propositions, van der Zanden investigated whether alumni had acquired skills in system thinking and interdisciplinarity and whether they also found them in their current job. Data from 127 alumni clearly showed that this was the case. There are also suggestions for areas for improvement, particularly in the area of ​​more explicit development of some skills (such as team skills) and the structure of the profession.

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