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As many as 917 UvA students and staff members have voted on their top 3 of the 10 selected ideas in the Create a Course Challenge Special Edition: Sustainability. The votes have been counted; these five ideas for a new, interdisciplinary elective course will continue to the grand finale!

The five course ideas that are still in the race:

  1. Food, Animals and the Environment (725 points), by Caatje Kluskens, Bachelor's student in Media and Culture

  2. From Local to Global: Take Action for the Climate (596 points), by Emilia Berenyi, Master's student in Political Science

  3. Duurzame zorgen in de zorg (594 points), by Daphne Jonkers Both, Sabine Gorter and Muamer Hajtic, Master's students in Medical Informatics

  4. Sustainability Deconstructed: Inequalities and Solutions (562 points), by Mira Toliou, Bachelor's student in Media and Culture

  5. Critical Animal Studies: Multi-Species Oppression in the Anthropocene (531 points), by Tim Reysoo, Research Master's student in Philosophy.

The five course ideas that did not make the cut:

  1. Doughnut Economics: Economics for the 21st century (670 points*)
  2. Rethinking the World: From Economic Impact to Impact Economy (495 points)
  3. Create Impact: Sustainability by Design (494 points)
  4. Sustainability Marketing and Businesses in a World of Consumerism (454 points)
  5. Sustainability, Policy and Communication (381 points).

* This course idea scored enough points to advance to the finale, but the student has opted out.

The grand finale

During the live streamed grand finale on 20 May from 5 – 7 PM (Central European Time), the jury decides which course idea will be rewarded with the realization of the course. The winner of the challenge will then start working on the development of the course as a student assistant.

The jury

The members of the jury are Rick van der Ploeg, University Professor Environmental Economics at the UvA & Oxford University, Lucy Wenting, academic director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and Rosa van der Laag, student Future Planet Studies and co-plaintiff in the climate case against Shell.