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Six UvA lecturers were recently awarded the UvA Sustainability Grant, organised by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) and the Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC). This grant offers lecturers of all faculties the opportunity to develop their ideas for implementing sustainability in their teaching into concrete educational activities. Below, three lecturers share what they plan to do with the time and space enabled by this grant.

Marieke Sijm - Medical Information Science: "Many medical students do not know that the healthcare sector has a major impact on the climate. We will not only increase the awareness of students at the Faculty of Medicine about the climate impact of the healthcare sector, but also stimulate students to contribute actively to finding solutions for making healthcare more sustainable by bringing students into contact with healthcare professionals using an online platform. But how do you design education and make educational plans suitable for teaching by means of such a dynamic e-platform? That is what we are going to find out with this grant."

Irina Lock, Anke Wonneberger and Marijn Meijers - Communication Science: “A big picture perspective is necessary when changing the world to become more sustainable. In the Master’s programme in Communication Science, there are two electives that address sustainability. One of these takes on a micro and meso perspective, focusing on a change toward more sustainable behavior by consumers on a micro level and outlining interactions between individual and organisational behavior from a meso perspective. In contrast, the other elective course comes from a meso and macro perspective reflecting on the contribution of organisations toward a sustainable social system. With this grant, we will adjust these courses in order for students – whether they take one of these electives or both – to understand all three levels (micro, meso, and macro), so they will have a systemic perspective on sustainability, covering the political, social, and economic affordances that are at stake for such a transformation, and how these play out and interrelate at the individual, organisational, and macro levels. They will learn to reflect on sustainable development in theory and in their own lives, to transform into a more sustainable future.”

Michiel van der Linden - ACTA: "Healthcare, including dentistry, is one of the big polluters. The course 'Sustainability in dentistry' is the first course to teach future dentists an awareness of their responsibility in reducing the ecological footprint of a dentistry practice. Students are trained to incorporate ecological considerations in their future practice. They learn how health policy is involved."


The UvA Sustainability Grant Programme

More than ever, the impact of human interventions on our planet is exposed. Therefore, the UvA invests in education in the field of green sustainability combined with related social sustainability aspects and considers it important to pay attention to this in our curricula. The UvA Sustainability Grant, organised by the IIS and the Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC), has recently won 3rd prize in the SustainaBul sustainability ranking and  5th prize in best practices. Peter van Dam, one of the UvA teachers who has been awarded the Sustainability Grant, talks about the course he was able to develop in the video below.