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Special Focus: Food & Sustainability

Governance and Systemic Transformation (6 ECTS)

With the current production system, are we capable to provide the future world population with sufficient food in a sustainable way, or is a system change needed to deal with this complex issue? In this course, we explore how systems can be critically studied and how they can be transformed into an improved system. [September - October 2023]

Political Economy of Transnational Food Chains (6 ECTS)

What room does the organisation and regulation of transnational food production, consumption and provision leave for sustainable transitions? Or should the transnational food system be considered an impediment to sustainability? In this course, you will study the workings and structure of the world food system and use this knowledge to explore options for and barriers to sustainable food production. [October - December 2023]

Food and the City (6 ECTS)

Because of its multi-functional character, food is an ideal medium through which to design sustainable places, be they urban, rural or peri-urban places. Food may be construed as a socio-technical system that includes the way food is produced, processed, acquired, distributed, and consumed as well as the way scraps are disposed of. This course focuses on sustainable food planning, planning for healthier lifestyles and management of healthier and more sustainable social practices. [October 2023 - February 2024]

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