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Fair, Resilient & Inclusive Societies (FRIS) grant

The UvA is committed to promoting the development of fair and resilient societies, which ensure the wellbeing of all citizens. We live in times of rising inequalities and major social, political and economic transitions. Especially now the question grows: what role can we, as university educators, play in understanding and addressing such pressing issues with our students?

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Do you aim to create an inclusive educational environment where emancipatory and developmental learning flourish in order to contribute to a more socially just, inclusive, regenerative society? This grant could give you the time and space to develop a teaching innovation connected to this theme. The grant consists of a maximum of 80 development hours and a support system aimed at exchanging ideas with other recipients of the grant.

The application round for the third and final round of the FRIS grants ended on 24 March 2023. Many thanks to all applicants for your proposal! You will receive a notification about the grant award around 17 April 2023.

The FRIS grant provides support in various ways

The FRIS grant is organized and supported by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) and the network of UvA Teaching & Learning Centres (TLC). It gives you the opportunity to think up solutions to your teaching problem and test them.

  • The grant consists of 80 development hours you can use to work out the improvement idea.
  • You get supervision in the area of education: a coach will guide you in the practical elaboration during the entire innovation process.
  • You can exchange ideas and experiences with other educators who receive a grant.
FRIS grant projects

Would you like to know more about how teachers are working on the theme Fair, Resilient & Inclusive Societies, and how they are using the grant for innovation?

FRIS café

Fresh, innovative and creative. Once in a while, the FRIS community gets together to talk informally about each other's projects and experiences.

  • For whom
    • You are an educator or a team of educators who teach one or more courses at the UvA and are responsible for the testing and assessment of your course.
    • You feel that involvement in educational innovation is an interesting opportunity.
    • You are prepared to share your own knowledge and inspire others.
    • You are interested to work (collectively and individually) on your ongoing development as a socially engaged, inclusive educator.
    • You hold a position at the UvA for at least 0.5 FTE, which will last (at minimum) for the duration of the project.
    • Your supervisor has granted you permission to invest work hours in this project.
    • Current FRIS grants focus for instance on themes/approaches including: community service learning, reflective and collective learning communities, contemplative pedagogies, socio-ecological justice or the expansion of teaching resources beyond dominant/mainstream sources and perceptions.
    • For those with an interest in reflective forms of (action) research connected to their innovation project, and expression of interest to participate in a FRIS research project can be included.
    • Are you interested in reflective forms of (action) research connected to an innovation project? Then it is possible to join a FRIS research project being developed. Let us know if you are interested by sending an e-mail to dr. Mieke Lopes Cardozo via
  • Criteria

    The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applications:

    • Delivers a compelling contribution to the main objective of the grant.
    • Quality of the proposal (e.g. rationale, relation between learning objectives and end terms, design, etc.).
    • Feasibility of the project within the given amount of time.
    • Relevance for the teaching practice of the university.
    • Teaching experience and background of the applicant(s).
    • Distribution of the applications over the different faculties and courses.
  • Available grants
    • The grant consists of an allocated maximum of 80 hours, depending on the proposed plan.
    • Team members may choose to divide hours amongst themselves (or suggest spending some of the hours to request support of a student assistant for the project).
    • Support and supervision meetings connected to the FRIS grant will also fall within these 80 hours (approximately 8-10 hours).
  • Procedure
    • The applicant submits the application form.
    • With the awarding of the grant, the applicant should be able to show that the head of the department or the supervisor will offer sufficient time to carry out the project.
    • A committee consisting of experts from different faculties assembled by the IIS and TLC will assess the application.
    • Educators with a grant are supported by a thematic expert dr Mieke Lopes Cardozo and participate in a joint learning community.
    • Afterwards, the project will be evaluated together with the IIS. The results will be shared within the UvA and possibly included in a (research)publication.
  • Closing date

    The application round for the third and final round of the FRIS grants ended on 24 March 2023. Many thanks to all applicants for your proposal! You will receive a notification about the grant award around 17 April 2023.

  • Contact

    For questions contact Sjoukje Kerman (Projectmanager Educational Development TLC Central).