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The IIS has produced various podcast series in which an interdisciplinary group of professors from the University of Amsterdam and beyond can be heard. Listen to the episodes, lasting an average of 30 minutes, to be brought up-to-date on a variety of topics.

The Next Big Thing

Over the past decade, we have made enormous leaps forward in science. Is it is possible to predict future developments, looking at history and the current state of affairs? Which way will it go?

  • An interdisciplinary series in which prominent scientists give a glimpse of the future of science

    The podcast series The Next Big Thing is based on lectures from the IIS elective course The Next Big Thing, in which prominent scientists from various disciplines give a glimpse of the future of science.

    In the podcast series you can hear Rens Bod on patterns and principles in science, Gianfranco Bertone on cosmology, Inger Leemans on history, Marcel Worring on artificial intelligence and Marcel Levi on medicine, Cyriel Pennartz on neuroscience, Amade M'Charek on anthropology and Heleen de Coninck on climate science. In the concluding lecture, Rens Bod talks about the usefulness of failed knowledge.

    The recordings took place in the first half of 2022. Listen to the - Dutch spoken - podcast series on Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.

The Big History Podcast

The Big History Podcast will take you on a journey through all known history, from the Big Bang to today. An interdisciplinary group of professors from the University of Amsterdam and beyond will guide you through that history.

  • 14 episodes

    How did our universe originate? How did Earth and life emerge and evolve together? And how did we become human, started to live in increasingly complex societies and turned into beings that are impacting our entire planet?

    The Big History Podcast will not just give you a broad overview of these developments; it will also zoom in on some of the latest scientific and scholarly insights that are important for big history and for understanding the role that we play in that story.

Ir. E. (Esther) Quaedackers MSc

For questions about The Big History Podcast, please contact Esther Quaedackers