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Honoursmodule: The Director in Me

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Jenneke Boeijink

Entry requirements 

For 2nd or 3rd year honours students only. 

Recommended prior knowledge

Interest in film.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course:

  • The student is able to critically analyse a film on elementary level.
  • The student is able to develop a concept for a (short) film and to write a filmplan/treatment.
  • The student has examined his/her own artistry


Film is an art form with a completely own language and esthetics of which the use of language is mainly dependent on the director. Which tools does a director have at his disposal to create a certain effect on the audience? How is the movie shaped? How do form and content relate to each other?

Several core concepts of the classical film analysis will be discussed using an analysis model and the basic literature. Among which: narrative, documentary / fiction, mise en scene, cinematography, editing and sound.

Class contents

  • Seminars
  • Selfstudy
  • Work independently on project / thesis


Active participation in workgroups. Positive reviews assignments, film analysis and film plan/treatment, presentation/pitch

Students will team up with a partner to prepare a presentation based on the analytical framework. During the course students are working on their own original film plan which will be evaluated at the end of the course.

Min/max participants



Check Datanose for the exact information.

Study material

Literature: Bordwell, D., & Thompson, K. Film Art: An Introduction.


Registration is possible for students participating in an Honours programme via an online registration form which will be made available on December 1, 10 am till December 5, 11 pm on this website. 

Placement will be at random and within two weeks students will hear whether they are placed for a course. 

There is NO guarantee for placement if you register after December 5, so make sure you register on time! 

For questions about registration please email to: Honours-iis@uva.nl 

Facts & Figures
Mode Honours programme
Credits 6 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in February