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Honoursmodule: Beyond the Culture of Contest

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Martijn Rep

Entry requirements 

Second and Third year bachelor students participating in an honours programme.

Recommended prior knowledge


Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the student can:

  • Analyse the culture of an organisation in terms of contest versus cooperation
  • Present her/his analysis in a compelling and cohesive manner
  • Contribute to the emergence of an environment of trust through meaningful conversations
  • Reflect on her/his own attitude and behaviour in relation to building an environment of trust


In this honours module we will explore together what a healthy work environment looks like. By first exploring concepts such as culture, contest versus cooperation, trust and meaningful conversations we will create a shared language and framework. This framework will serve as a means to analyse our own environment and helps us see what is needed for strengthening cooperation and trust within the environment/organisation we are in. My means of in-depth conversations, we will make an analysis of our current environment. We will then identify a small project we can plan, execute, reflect on and present.

Teaching method

  • Seminar
  • Presentation/Symposium
  • Selfstudy
  • Work independently on project/thesis
  • Guidance/Feedback moments


Pass/fail on the basis of active participation in group meetings, individual assignments, small group project and final presentation.


  • Book: Beyond the Culture of Contest  - Michael Karlberg, George Ronald Publisher, ISBN10 0853984891
  • Workbook building an environment of trust, created by Soul.com
  • The Workbook costs around €15. We will use a few sections of the book. We will provide the students with a syllabus with the selected chapters as pdf.

Min/max participants

max. 25


The schedule will be available on Datanose 


Registration is possible for 2nd year (or higher) students participating in an Honours programme. The registration for the Honours courses will start on June 1, 10 am -  June 4, 11 pm, You can register through the online registration form that will appear on Honoursmodules IIS (registration is NOT through SIS)

Placement will be at random and students will be informered about their placement in the week of June 21. 

There is NO guarantee for placement if you register AFTER June 4, so make sure you apply on time! 

For questions about registration please email to: Honours-iis@uva.nl 


SDGs in education

The IIS strives to reflect current societal issues and challenges in our elective courses, honours modules and degree programmes, and attempts to integrate the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in this course. For more information about these goals, please visit the SDGs website

Facts & Figures
Mode Honours programme
Credits 6 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in September